How to choose steel for steel structure installation project
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Steel structure installation project is a very big project, the quality requirements are very high, steel structure as the most critical of the project of a kind of infrastructure, we need to consider what factors when choosing steel?

Heavy industrial building structure, large span structure, high-rise or super high-rise civil building structure or structures and other important structures, should consider the selection of good quality steel, for general industrial and civil building structure, can be selected according to the nature of the work of ordinary quality steel.

Load condition: the structure bearing dynamic load directly and the structure in strong earthquake area should choose the steel with good comprehensive performance; Generally under static load structure can choose the lower price Q235 steel.

Connection method: Welding deformation, welding stress and other welding defects may occur during the welding process, which may lead to cracks or brittle fracture of the structure. Therefore, welding structure should be strict to material requirements.

The temperature and environment of steel structure: steel is easy to be cold and brittle at low temperature, so the structure working at low temperature, especially the welding structure, should choose the killed steel with good resistance to low temperature brittle fracture. In addition, the steel of open-air structure is easy to produce aging, and the steel of harmful medium action is easy to corrosion, fatigue and fracture, so different materials should also be selected differently.

Steel thickness: thin steel roll rolling times, rolling compression ratio is large, large thickness of steel compression ratio is small, so the thickness of steel not only smaller strength, and plastic, impact toughness and welding performance is poor. Therefore, the welded structure with large thickness should be made of better steel.

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