What function does I beam steel have?
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China's steel can be divided into profile, pipe, plate and metal products of four types, these types of steel tubes for the development of China's industry play a different role.Today, let's take a look at one of the industrial raw materials of I-steel what role it has.
The name of the I-steel is derived from the shape of its section. In fact, it is simply said that the I-steel interface is "working" type of steel.Beams is the main function of bearing, the beams are widely used in engineering construction, such as housing construction, bridge building, automobile manufacturing, bracket and so on industry, such as the construction of Beijing's bird's nest will be heavily used this kind of steel, and various kinds of engineering construction stents can also be seen in the beams.For the development of China's I-steel industry, more and more high standard I-steel and more and more high quality I-steel for China's industrialization process has an irreplaceable role, can effectively promote the development of China's industrialization, so as to promote the improvement of the level of economic development in China.Actually I iron role is very broad, not only in daily life are everywhere, and has been widely used in various high-tech industry of our country, such as the construction of the aircraft carrier in our country, the aerospace industry in the construction of a rocket, links such as a large bay area of guangdong hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge is inseparable from the beams, and with the constant improvement of the level of science and technology in our country,The application of I-beam is also becoming more and more extensive.To put it simply, I steel is an important raw material in China's steel, for People's Daily production and life has a wide range of applications, and in China's sophisticated industries also gradually play a more and more important role, can be said to be one of the industrial raw materials that can not be replaced.
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